Classic Downtown SLO Wedding at The Penny

It’s no secret that The Penny is one of my top venues in the San Luis Obispo area. It offers a perfect blend of modern elegance and rustic charm. To top it off, it’s nestled in the heart of downtown, which makes it the perfect spot to get those dreamy and cinematic shots we were looking for. 😍

Joey and Kaiana booked me for Photography and Videography on their wedding day. I love it so much when I get to craft the whole experience from top to bottom for you. My videographer and I have been working together for a few years now. It feels so effortless working when I get to work with him! You also don’t have to worry about clashing styles or approaches when it comes to capture all the big moments of the day. Everything just comes together so perfectly. 

We started the day at The Madonna Inn where they booked a coupe of rooms to get ready in. It was a very gloomy and moody day with tops of the famous twin sister peaks (Bishops and Cerro) being cut off by a low hanging fog. Personally, I’m just grateful we didn’t get rained out! This wedding is proof that even if the whether isn’t perfect on your wedding, you can still throw a great party!

Reflecting back on Joey and Kaiana’s wedding, I just feel so humbled that they chose me to be a part of their special day The Penny in SLO. I’ve been capturing lovebirds for a while now, but no matter how many wedding I go to, it always feels like a new experience each time. 

Thanks for stopping by the Journal. I hope these images and videos inspire you to craft the wedding experience you’ve been dreaming of. Because you deserve it. 🫢🏼