5 Tips for Having a Wedding on the Central Coast

January 26, 2022

The Central Coast is one of the most beautiful spots on planet earth and home to thousands of wedding each year. There is such a wide variety of venues, vendors, and epic elopement spots that it can almost be overwhelming. Should you do your wedding at a winery? How much does that cost? Should you do a first look? How many guests is too many? Is videography worth it? While I can't answer all these questions for you, I can give you just a few general tips to help your planning experience go a lot smoother! Here are 5 Wedding Tips if you're considering having your wedding on California's beautiful Central Coast!

Tip 1: don't be afriad of winter

The Central Coast is often looked at as a strictly summer destination, but that is absolutely not the case! In fact, I believe that the most beautiful time of year is late January - May. The grass is incredibly green with partially cloudy skies, giving way to some of the most incredible sunsets you will ever see! Yes you will have to deal with shorter days, but you also won't have to deal with things like excessive heat or heavy tourist traffic. Additionally, you may find it easier to get a weekend date! Which leads me to Tip #2...

Tip 2: Book early

As mentioned previously, the Central Coast is one of the most popular wedding destinations in all of California. This means that most venues, photographers, and other vendors are usually booked at least a year in advance. Waiting longer that a year runs the risk of not getting the wedding date or vendors you want. So get on it!

Tip 3: PAy it forward

With all the weddings that happen around here, there are a ton of amazing wedding vendors to choose from! So when you find one you like, let them lead you to other vendors who have similar kinds of work. For example, when you book your Photographer, let them lead you to a florist and decor artist that works with their esthetic.

Tip 4: Lighten your list

It's no secret that weddings on the Central Coast typically run more on the expensive side. If you really have your heart set on getting married here and you're working on a budget, consider cutting down your guest list. Remember, a good chunk of wedding expenses come from wining and dining your guests. Don't get caught up in that trap of thinking you need to invite everyone you ever knew to your wedding. Just focus on your core people and I promise you won't miss Jimmy from 3rd grade science class.

Tip 5: LEt's get one thing straight...

This wedding thing is 100% about you. Not feeling the big wedding thing? Look into getting Eloped somewhere like Montana De Oro State Park! This wedding only happens once. When everything is said and done, all you'll have are the happy memories, photographs, and hopefully a wedding film. Prioritize the things that are important to you and your partner, not what you think is important to your guests.

I hope these tips help you focus on the right things and bring you closer to having the wedding of your dreams here on the Central Coast. If you have any questions about weddings at all, feel free to sent me a message through the contact page or slide into my Instagram DMs at @christackphoto.

Until next time.

Chris x